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What do I do if I have a query or need support from IDATA?

You can either use the contact web form below or you can phone us on 0217015152. If you phone us we will ensure we get all your contact details as well as a detailed description of your problem or query. If you use the web form option, please ensure the same details are given to us (Contact Name, Company, Contact Number, Details of problem). Your query will be logged and allocated to the relevant support technician who will contact you shortly thereafter.

IDATA Email disclaimer?

This email is private and confidential and its contents and attachments are the property of IDATA. It is solely for the named addressee. Any unauthorised use or interception of this email, or the review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon the contents of this email, by persons or entities other than the intended recipient, is prohibited. Save for communications relating to the official business of IDATA, the company does not accept any responsibility for the contents of this email or any opinions expressed in this email or its attachments. If you are not the named addressee please notify us immediately by reply email and delete this email and any attached files. Owing to the nature of email IDATA cannot ensure and accepts no liability for the integrity of this email and any attachments, nor that they are free of any virus. IDATA accepts no liability for any loss or damage whether direct or indirect or consequential, however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise, which may result directly or indirectly from this communication or any attached files.

Postal Code Lookup

Postal Code Lookup will enable you to easily search suburbs and postal codes, including both street and box codes, for the whole of South Africa.

Click Here to search for suburbs and postal codes in South Africa

SAPO Audit Software

The South African Post Office have introduced their own auditing software for address quality standards. Anybody wanting a PAMSS Certificate must use this software in order to ascertain the quality of their address data. To qualify for a PAMSS certificate at least 97% of your addresses must be correct according to the SAPO rules and regulations built into the software.

Where do I start? How do I run the software?

  1. Click here to download the software.
  2. Once the software has been downloaded extract the contents of the ZIP file to C:\SAPOAUD\
  3. You will need a comma delimited or fixed length file containing all the addresses to which you want send mail.
  4. Copy your file to C:\SAPOAUD\ folder.
  5. Rename your file to have the .AUD extension (eg. addresses.CSV becomes addresses.AUD)
  6. Double click on SAPOMAIN.BAT in the C:\SAPOAUD\ folder. This will load the software.
  7. Enter the username “99” and then press TAB to move to the password option and enter “bulk”. Press enter. Click here to view screenshot.
  8. You must now set up your file layout so that the software will know where to find your address data. You now have four options;
    • Select A to setup a delimited file.
    • Select B to setup a fixed length file.
    • Select P to process a file.
    • Select Q to exit.

    Click here to view screenshot.

  9. Select either A or B depending on your file’s format and then press enter. You will need to enter you file name and then press enter. Click here to view screenshot.
  10. Using the TAB key to move through the fields you must enter a description for your file which will appear on the reports and;
    • for option A a delimiter and field positions of your address data. Click here to view screenshot.
    • for option B the start and end position of your address data. Click here to view screenshot.
  11. Once you have entered the filed positions you will be taken back to the main screen where you can select P to process and press enter.
  12. You should now be at the processing screen. Click here to view screenshot. Press enter to go through the first five records on your file. This allows you to make sure that you have entered the correct field positions as your data should line up with the address lines on the left-hand side of the screen.
  13. Once you pressed enter five times the processing will continue until the entire file has been audited.
  14. You will find your statistics in your C:\SAPOAUD\ folder with the extension .STA (eg. If your input file was called ADDRESS.AUD the stats file would be called ADDRESS.STA). This file can be opened with a text editor like Wordpad or Notepad. It will tell you the state of you addresses and whether you qualify for a PAMSS certificate or not.

I have my STA report, now what?

If you meet the 97% accuracy required you can sign and email that page through to IDATA and we will issue you with a quote for the certificate. Upon your acceptance of the quote we will issue you with a PAMSS certificate.

What can I do if I don’t reach the 97% accuracy required for a PAMSS certificate?

IDATA can clean your address data for you.  Contact us for more information.

Contact Details

Is IDATA POPI compliant?

YES, contact IDATA for more information.

Can I check the quality of my address data myself?

YES, download SAPO Audit Software and follow the instructions on this page.

Can I get discounts on my postage?

YES, view our PAMSS page for more info.

I would like to use IValue. Can a ROI be calculated?

YES, contact IDATA for a Proof of Concept trial.

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