Data-driven Marketing

Business is growing increasingly complex due to the explosion of data. Using data to track, understand and predict customer behaviour is critical to business success. Effective Data-driven Marketing strategies enable companies to produce consistent, personalised marketing communications that improves customer intimacy.

Today’s Marketing departments are pressured to:

  • Build lasting and profitable customer relationships,
  • Leverage the Multi-channel,
  • Comply with regulations including the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) act, and
  • Increase Return On Investment (ROI) on marketing spend.

Customer data is a dynamic entity, therefore Customer Databases will deteriorate with time, unless constant maintenance is undertaken. High customer churn rates are often a result of neglect by a company of its existing customers. In to-days tough economic and competitive climate it’s even more important to retain existing customers in order to ensure long-term profitability.

Why keep existing customers:

  • Reduced acquisition costs, compared to acquiring new customers,
  • Keeping your customers as they become more affluent and spend more increases your revenues,
  • You can target them for up- selling and cross-selling other products,
  • Loyal happy customers recommend your company and products to their friends, and
  • Referred customers tend to be more profitable and stay with your business longer than those who respond to price promotions.

Why use data enhancement:

  • To learn more about your customers,
  • To increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and
  • To predict responsiveness for future prospecting campaigns.

IDATA Data-driven Marketing solutions help attribute success to your marketing activities, improving communication with your customers and ROI on marketing spend.

Products and Services

Bureau service for Data-driven Marketing professionals, contact and engagement centers.

Complete and update customer data for recency.

Identify customers and segments through a clean, shaped view of their data.

Trace individuals for asset reunification and debt collection.

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